When is it possible to register for Krogrännet 2017? Registration opens December 18th.
How do you register for Krogrännet 2017? If you are located in Sweden, then register here.. If not, send us an email at kontakt( at )
When is the last day to register? Last day to register is january 29th 2017
In what condition and how thick are the ices? We have an ice report service ( in Swedish ) here
If the rce is cancelled, do you repay the entry fee? If the race is cancelled ( e.g. insecure ices ), half of the entry fee is repayed.
Who is organizing Krogrännet? Vallentuna Skridskoförening is the organizer.
How long is New Krogrännet? We estimate the new track to be just over 40 km including land passages.

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